The Coalition on Spirituality and Aging (CSA) was formed to promote greater understanding of the spiritual themes experienced by older adults.  CSA is made up of representatives from healthcare, academic and ministerial contexts who feel that current cultural paradigms do not adequately recognize the unique perspective and gifts of the elders in our society. Through education, it is our goal to advance a more insightful and respectful outlook toward older adults, and that those in the process of growing older will feel a sense of their own value and will be encouraged and empowered to share their offerings with the world.


Our vision is to advance a culture which integrates spirituality into perspectives on aging and honors the gifts, talents, and contributions of all older adults in a manner that encourages meaningful engagement in the community.


Our mission is to empower individuals with knowledge and tools to recognize and celebrate the spiritual aspects of aging, enabling older adults to experience purpose and connectedness in all areas of life.


  • An on-line Certificate Program for people who work with older adults
  • Webinar on Older Adult Ministry
  • Upcoming Seminars on contemporary issues in Spirituality & Aging